Welcome to Colruyt India

Colruyt India was founded on 14th March 2007 as it acquired its official license with name “Colruyt IT Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd.”. Today there are more than 200 employees working in our offices at Mindspace in Hitec City.

Colruyt Group is a Belgian based retailer of Food and non-Food products. Over the past decades, it has grown to become an important discounter in food and non-food products with a unique sales formula. Colruyt is the number one in fast and efficient shopping at the “lowest prices”.

During the financial year 2010/2011 the revenue of the Colruyt Group increased by 7.8%, to 7,280.1 million (INR 47,3206.50Crore). With more than 200 Colruyt shops and many more activities throughout Belgium, Luxemburg and France, the personnel employed by Colruyt Group exceeds currently 24,000 employees.

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To be able to cope with the current business growth, the Colruyt Group has their own department to develop and maintain software applications and manage the IT infrastructure: Colruyt IT.

As an extension of Colruyt IT, Colruyt India gives extensive support to all IT services and guarantees the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure that is needed to carry out the sales and maintenance of goods in Colruyt shops. In a close collaboration with the IT department in Belgium, Colruyt India develops and maintains applications in the purchase, logistics, sales, finance and other departments of the Colruyt Group for mainframes as well as for open systems.

Overall, Colruyt India has teams full of enthusiastic, capable and experienced professionals, who play a key role in managing the IT infrastructure and maintaining and developing the software applications in high standards.

The Colruyt Group believes in Colruyt India and wants to invest in the future of the company. Therefore the Colruyt Group decided to have its own office building in the centre of the IT business in Hyderabad for Colruyt India. Visit the ‘Our Building’ tab for more details.

You might have observed that this website is not very sophisticated or flashy!!! Wondered why?

This is a very conscious choice. It is completely in line with our company culture : simple, functional, no-nonsense, honest and open, lowest prices for our customers.

With this website, we want to give you an answer on:

a) What for God's sake is that company named "Colruyt ", very famous in Belgium/France, ... but unknown in India.
b) What makes Colruyt a special company it is much more then about making profit only.
c) What is Colruyt doing in India ?
d) Is there a possibility for you, to become part of this organisation.